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A comedic space-warrior riding a living volcano with one hand whipping the reins and the other gingerly fingering the lava-hot truth that flows freely down all sides – is smothering the world in comedy magma.

His meteoric rise in the Comedy Industry is due to the fact he had learnt to ride meteors at a very young age – a mind meteor, smashing through the atmosphere of mediocre and mundane. Each show is unpredictable and hilarious, leaving audiences gasping for air.

A true original, his style is manic but impactful. The mystical art of comedy bursts through his veins (and mouth) coupled with his razor sharp wit, taking no prisoners. Dusty Rich is, without question, an unnaturally naturally talented comedic anomaly.

Whether he’s in a suit and tie, earning that corporate cashola; in a vest and beard rousing everyone at a comedy club, or loud as rock ‘n roll in front of five thousand strong, he has to be seen to be believed.

Comedy Highlights

• Moved to Australia to pursue an International Comedy Career 2016
• Johannesburg International Comedy Festival 2015
• Comedy Central International Comedy Festival 2015
• Runner up in the Inaugural Comedy Central Africa Roast Battle with Jeffery Ross 2015
• Comedy Central presents Dusty Rich 2015
• Host of Trevor Noah’s “NationWild Tour” 2014
• Opening Act – Trevor Noah’s “It’s My Culture” 2014
• Opening Act -Trevor Noah’s “It’s My Culture” 2013
• Opening Act for Trevor Noah’s “That’s Racist” 2012
• International Nando’s Comedy Festival 2012
• Graca Comedy Showdown Winner 2012.
• International Nando’s Comedy Fest Durban 2012.
• Opened for International Jason Rouse (Canada) 2010